Physical education incorporates all three domains (cognitive, affective and psychomotor) of learning. LCA has adopted the premise stated best by Christian Schools International, “Because the body is an integral part of the total human being created in the image of God, people should value the body as a God-given possession in and through which to live the Christian life in contemporary society.  The task of physical education is to educate each student in the proper use of the body throughout life.  The care of the physical body is a moral responsibility and part of our reasonable service to God.” 

The goals of LCA’s physical education program is to enable students to:

1. Memorize and apply scripture to everyday situations
2. Gain information and skill in one or more sports
3. Enhance loco-motor skills and develop hand and eye coordination
4. Develop fundamentals in a sports unit.
5. Develop healthy habits for a lifetime of physical fitness