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Medical Forms

LCA takes the medical care, protection and health of our students very seriously, but our nursing staff needs your help.  Please go to your Renweb account and fill out the medical information thoroughly for each child.  Be sure to click “save” before exiting each page.  In addition, if your student will need medication or scheduled treatments throughout the school day (including but not limited to occasional or emergency medications such as an Epi-pen or inhaler), print and fill out the appropriate forms below and turn them in to the school nurse prior to the first day of school. Likewise, if your student has a medical condition we need to be aware of, please fill out the corresponding forms below.  We need a separate form for each child.  These forms must be completely filled out again each school year. Also, before the first day of school we will need an updated Georgia Immunization form 3231 and a Georgia Vision/Hearing/Dental Screening form 3300 on file for your student.  You can print these out and request that they be filled out by your pediatrician or request the forms directly from your pediatrician.