Student Builds His Own Drone

They’re everywhere now — on the toy aisle, taking flight from backyards, soaring over cities for traffic control and deliveries, even serving in the military.

Just this past year, one of the hottest items under the Christmas tree was a commercial version of a remote-controlled drone, easily assembled out of the box to take flight mere minutes after the wrapping paper was off.

Grandparents Day

Friday, September 16, LCA celebrated our Lower School Grandparents by hosting 275+ for Grandparents Day. The morning kicked off with students and grandparents gathered in the gym for the opening ceremony. Upper School Principal, Mark Davis, shared about the Biblical perspective of one of the values that is being taught in Lower School, love. The students ended this portion of the morning with a reader’s theater of I Corinthians 13 1-8a.

Grad 2 Grad

Grad 2 Grad is a new program that was launched this year as a way to unite our Upper School and Lower School students. Our desire and purpose is that the senior student will be a Godly spiritual and social influence that leads their kindergartener. The idea was proposed by two senior students, Kevin Allen and Rylee Atwell,

Code Club

Elementary school students learn secrets of computer language

Article written by Stephen Milligan, The Tribune


Computers, everyone had been told, are the wave of the future but the future arrived long ago.

Now, computers are essential in almost every aspect of life throughout the nation and the country's young people are on the frontlines learning to navigate this new digital landscape.


Medical Practice

Published by The Walton Tribune, Written by Stephen Milligan

In many ways, it looks much like any hospital lab might look: doctors in sterilized gowns and masks, bent over sensitive equipment, marking down observations on clipboards while seeking a diagnosis or lab results. In other ways, it’s quite different, such as the fact that many of these “doctors” are still under five feet tall.

Political Shadows

Published by The Walton Tribune, Written by Stephen Milligan

It’s an oft-stated ambition of would-be insiders and players of the political scene to be a fly on the wall of the halls of power. Loganville Christian Academy seniors Harrison Davis and Rachel Byers went one better. They entered the Capitol with the intent of being shadows.

Davis, 18, and Byers, 17, undertook the same senior project at the private school, choosing to shadow a local member of the General Assembly. Both settled on their own representative, Rep. Tom Kirby, R-Loganville, and shadowed the lawmaker on several trips under the gold dome to get a taste for the life politic.