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Beyond The Bell are extracurricular activities that are available to students for an additional fee. Most Beyond The Bell activities take place after school hours, expecptions are noted in the activity desrption.

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Piano & Voice offers piano and voice lessons to both Lower & Upper School students during the school day. Piano & Voice teachers are exceptionally qualified and experienced. In addition, they are carefully selected for their ability to work well with children and teenagers. Each student is thoughtfully placed with the teacher that is best suited to meet their needs.

Students have several opportunities to perform throughout the year:

  • Christmas and Spring Recitals
  • Community Outreach Recital in the Fall
  • ACSI Southeastern District Piano Festival in the Spring – Grades 3 and up only

In 2012, LCA became a founding school with the Royal Conservatory of Music. LCA is the only "Founding School" in the state of Georgia. Mrs. Kay Sauers is also a "Founding Teacher". This program sets national standards of musical success which are implemented through its course of study. LCA students have the opportunity to be assessed by Royal Conservatory musicians/adjudicators three times per year.

For questions, please contact Kay Sauers.