It was such a joy to reveal the conceptual drawings of The Gatehouse and The War Room via video at this year's annual Proceed for the Pride Auction, Where The Road Leads! At Vision Night, in January, we announced that we were engaging an architect to start the process of designing this new space. Members of our leadership team have spent much time in prayer seeking God's plan for this next phase of LCA's campus development. 

For those unable to attend the auction, we announced that after much prayer and consideration we made the determination to reallocate space in a way that will provide that every student at LCA will have a classroom within a brick and mortar building. As such, The Gatehouse will house our high school students and full fine arts programs for lower school and upper school students. In addition, it will contain an 1100 seat auditorium, a lunchroom with a full working cafeteria and outdoor collaborative space. Our middle school students will occupy the Lodge classrooms and the current US building will be renovated to welcome our lower school students, providing plenty of room to grow our PreK-5th grade program.

In addition, we introduce the War Room. This separate structure will be the tallest building on campus and will be located just in front of The Gatehouse. The War Room will contain a small space for people to pray and will be a visual reminder of the war we are waging for the hearts and minds of this generation, as well as our complete and utter dependence on God.

This year's Pledge for the Cause is allocated to completing the next phase of architectural plans. This will allow us to finalize floor plans and engage engineers. If you have a skill set that you'd live to leverage for the students of LCA by participating in this project, please email Doug Monda.

This building project will be the largest ever undertaken by our school. It's a God-sized dream that will only be possible through the Lord's involvement and by each one of us considering how we can be a part. The capital campaign for The Gatehouse will officially launch on Friday, April 28 at FBC Snellville. This evening will take place of our normally scheduled Vision Night in January.

Please join us in praying for continual wisdom as we take the next steps and that the Lord would be glorified in all that we do.

Lord, show up in a way that is unmistakably you. May everything we do point to you as our creator, sustainer, provider, and protector. May every person who drives onto campus sense your presence in a powerful way. We are not asking you to simply bless our plans. Give us your plans for the students entrusted to us and keep us protected from the enemy.