Curriculum Selection for Hybrid Program

Our curriculum is written based on standards that meet or exceed the state recommendations. Resources are chosen with that in mind. For the hybrid school, we used the same standards we have for the brick and mortar school. Some of the resources are the same where others are different. For Hybrid, we will be utilizing Saxon Math, Wilson Phonics, Prima Latina for Latin, and a few other reputable resources.

Seniors Take YouScience Aptitude Tests

Each year the seniors complete a Game of Life project where they are taught in economics to compile a year-long budget while looking at careers, paychecks, taxes, mortgages, car loans, etc. The project focuses on the practical side of life so that LCA graduates can be well-equipped to navigate their lives post high school. This year, the first piece of the project was an extensive career search using YouScience aptitude tests.

Dual Enrollment Shortens College

The dual enrollment program at Loganville Christian Academy enables high school students to participate in dual enrollment classes with Truett-McConnell College. This pursuit of postsecondary coursework allows students to receive dual high school and college credit in the areas of College Algebra, American Literature, American Government, and English Composition. LCA students are able to graduate with up to thirty-six hours of college credit.

Navigating Failure with Adolescents

As someone who works and lives with middle schoolers, I spend a lot of time observing kids as they make the difficult transition from child to teen. One adolescent milestone is an increased focus on how they are perceived by their peers, which leads to new learning opportunities and challenges. This intense social awareness can cause kids to avoid experiences in which they might not succeed, but failure is vital to the learning process.

Nicole Pourchier, MS Principal

Dr. Nicole Pourchier has spent the past fifteen years teaching in various settings. After finishing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Auburn University, Nicole started her career teaching first and third grades in Gwinnett County. When her daughter Penelope was born, she began her doctorate program at Georgia State University and studied language and literacy education.