Student Council is a student-service oriented organization made up of students in the 4th and 5th grades, established to promote leadership and communication between students, staff, parents, and community. Students participating as council members are given opportunities to gain experience in efficient self-government and fiscal responsibility. The council seeks to build school spirit while serving the school and fellow students. Members of the council are expected to attend weekly meetings to consider council business and to take part in meetings, event preparation and other activities as dictated by the advisor. Elections are held each spring. Each rising 4th grader elects one member and the rising 5th grade class elects six classmates. These students are responsible to represent the Pre-K through 5th grade student body in the upcoming year.

To be considered for Student Council, each candidate must be registered for the upcoming year, have a servant’s attitude, a strong Christian walk, at least an 80% grade average, a supportive school spirit, good citizenship and work habits, and a good working relationship with his/her classmates and teacher.