The cost for enrolling a student at Loganville Christian Academy involves both tuition and fees. The details regarding the tuition schedule and the fees are outlined below.


There are three available plans for paying tuition, one pay, two pay, and monthly pay. The details of each plan are outlined below.


The 2018-19 tuition rates are outlined below:

2018-19 Tuition (Web).png


  1. One Pay Plan: If the annual tuition is paid by March 1, a 5% discount applies. If the annual tuition is paid by May 1, a 3% discount applies.

  2. Two Pay Plan: If tuition is paid on May 1 and December 1, a 1.5% discount applies.

  3. Monthly Pay Plan: Families choose payments on either the 5th or 20th of each month beginning in June and ending in May. Payments are made via automatic bank draft.

Fee Schedule

REGISTRATION FEE (per student): The $300 registration fee is paid annually for each student and is nonrefundable. The registration fee covers items such as registration materials, books, achievement testing, ACSI dues, student insurance, etc. It does not include field trips, pictures, special student activity fees, or special events. New students are required to pay the registration fee to complete the registration process. Please note that this fee is not purchasing these items but defraying costs, and if a student withdraws, these materials remain the property of LCA.

PTF ANNUAL DUE (per family): $30, PTF annual dues can be paid at LAUNCH or can be applied to your family account at the start of the year.

TECHNOLOGY FEE (per student): The technology fee is paid annually for each student and is nonrefundable. This fee covers the cost of necessary maintenance, upgrades, and new classroom equipment. Beginning in the 2018–19 school year, LCA will begin phasing in a new technology fee structure, which will include a school-issued device for Upper School students. 

$150 for Lower School students

$150 for Middle School and High School students using a current standardized device*

$300 for Middle School students; including rising 6th grade students

$350 for High School students

*All students utilizing a device acquired through the Standardized Device Contract will be grandfathered into the 2017–18 school technology fee rate of $150. All newly enrolled students will have school owned and issued devices and fall under the new fee structure.

SUSTAINING FEE (per family: $125 x 2 fall and spring): Families have the opportunity to eliminate their sustaining fees by participating in designated fundraisers throughout the school year. Fundraising opportunities include securing Corporate 300 sponsorships or securing a specific amount of donations in the Fun Run. All gifts to Loganville Christian Academy are tax-deductible.


  • Multi-Student Discounts: Multi-student discounts are given for families with more than one student enrolled at LCA. Annual tuition is discounted 10% for the second child. A 20% discount is given to any additional students following the second child. The student in the higher grade will be considered the first child.

  • Tuition Assistance: LCA provides tuition assistance through GOAL Scholarship. The GOAL Scholarship program is the result of the passage of House Bill 1133 in Georgia that provides the establishment of tax credits for donors that make contributions to a student scholarship organization (SSO). The SSO’s were established for the purpose of providing scholarships to students currently attending public school or entering into Pre-K through first grade or they are a student that has been enrolled for at least one year in a qualified Home Study Program (as defined by the Georgia Department of Education). Families of these students must also financially qualify for GOAL by filling out an application and providing their previous year’s tax return and W-2. Applications are due by May 1.

Families interested in GOAL Scholarship must inform the registrar upon enrolling. A student's enrollment eligibility must first be established before a scholarship award is determined.

Please visit the Development section of this website to find out how you can participate in donating to LCA through GOAL Scholarship.

  • Ministerial Partnership Program: LCA’s Ministerial Partnership Program exists to make Christian education affordable for local ministerial staff who have devoted their lives to Christian service. Under this program, as part of their employee benefits package or just a general donation, Christian churches with a minimum membership of 200 and/or weekday preschool boards may give up to a 25% tuition dollar donation to LCA, and LCA will match another 25%, bringing the total tuition discount to 50%.

We have chosen to invest in this manner because we want to provide support to those who are laboring alongside for the hearts and minds of this generation of students. For program guidelines and/or questions about this partnership, please contact Doug Monda.


Monthly tuition payments will be made by an automatic draft of the family's account. Parents can choose either the 5th or the 20th of each month for the draft to occur. Once that date is chosen, it will remain in place for the balance of the school year. In the event the draft is attempted but fails to be paid due to insufficient funds, a $30 late charge will be applied to the tuition account and a second draft will be attempted in fourteen days. Families that choose the one or two pay plan must make payments by the respective due dates or risk forfeiting the discount.


It is assumed that a family is enrolling for the entire year, and budgets are set accordingly. If a student is withdrawn before the end of the school year, a thirty-day advance, written notice is required. The existing month’s tuition in the month the student withdraws plus an additional two-month withdrawal fee will be assessed. Report cards and/or transcripts are released to the parent or other schools only when the student’s financial account is current.