LCA hosts annual fundraising events that our families are encouraged to participate in: Shooting Clays, Proceeds for the Pride Auction, and Fun Run (Lower School students only).



This annual event draws a host of competitors from local businesses, churches, school families, and the community. All shooters receive a catered lunch as well as tournament awards for first place, second place, third place and best overall individual shooter performance.

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The LCA Fun Run is held in the spring of each year for Lower School students in Pre-K through 5th grade. It is not just a fundraising program, it advances the mission of the school to prepare students academically, spiritually, and socially for God’s call on their lives. The Fun Run gives students the opportunity to work hard, develop school spirit, and work as a team to see a reward for their effort. The proceeds from this year's Fun Run will be used to purchase new iPads, Spheros, and Osmos to enhance the student learning experience through technology, professional development training for our teachers, and a new bus to transport our students on field trips and to sporting events, as well as other initiatives within the Lower School.

The funds raised from past Fun Run events have been used for purchasing  new playground equipment, netbook carts, building a dedicated Lower School STEM Lab and purchasing books to increase the number of titles in the in-class libraries.



In 2009, LCA held its first auction. Since that time, our annual auction has raised more than $300,000 collectively. This annual event supports the efforts of our entire Booster Club. At LCA, this includes not only athletic teams but also our band, flag corps, fine arts department, drama, and missions teams. Consolidating our efforts across multiple areas helps us to support more efficiently the overall mission of the school and prevents businesses from being asked for support by multiple organizations within the school. We believe these funds will benefit all current and future students, from our youngest Pre-K students to our seniors.

Donations for the auction are received from numerous businesses and members of the community. In addition, each student athlete and band member submits at least one donation, and each Lower School classroom submits an item that the students have worked on collaboratively. Information on submitting donations can be received by contacting Kerry Towe, director of Development, by clicking here.

Proceeds from the auction have purchased lighting and a projection screen for the gym stage, new athletic uniforms, band instruments, and uniforms, hosted an Atlanta Opera mini-camp for Lower School students, built a debt-free athletic training facility, funded campus improvements such as sidewalks and street lighting, and sent mission teams to Haiti and Honduras.

The 2017 auction, Come Sail Away, was held October 21, and approximately $80,000 was raised. The money raised in the Pledge for the Cause portion of the auction was used to recreate common spaces around campus that all students will enjoy. We were able to update both the Upper and Lower School lunchroom settings. Each of us has a favorite restaurant and would probably agree that our patronage there isn’t solely due to the good food. How we feel in that space is a determining factor in our decision to return time after time. Our goal was to redesign each lunchroom, inclusive of new paint, new seating, and new microwaves, in a way that promotes conversation and fosters a sense of warmth and belonging in the LCA family.

In addition we were able breathe new life into the halls of our Lodge and Upper School building by updating paint and flooring and in considering the best plan for displaying student achievements. The students of LCA are exceptional, and we want to highlight their accomplishments in a way that’s visibly appealing and honors their hard and diligent work. It is amazing the way color, texture, and attention to detail can inspire us. This inspiration is what we were aiming to create in our hallways.

If you were unable to attend the auction this year and would like to contribute to Pledge for the Cause, you may do so by clicking here.